Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Grand Hotel

A trip to The Grand Hotel is always wonderful and relaxing.  It is located on Point Clear, Alabama and it is on Mobile Bay.  We love to take a trip there in the summer.

Would you like to travel to The Grand Hotel with me? 

Once you see the sign, you know you have arrived
 and will soon be relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

You drive through the gate and then you pull
your car into this circular drive to check in. 

 This sign tells a little bit of the history of The Grand Hotel.  It is very old.  It became a hotel known for their hospitality in 1847.  Parts of the hotel served as a hospital during the Civil War.  It also was a training area during World War II.

One of the things that I like best about going to The Grand is
seeing all the beautiful flowers. The grounds are lovely.

They spend a lot of time making sure that the grounds are beautiful.
 They would never want any guest to be disappointed
 with the way the property looks.

The property has many beautiful Live Oak trees. 
They are very old and very large.  They just remind you
of how pretty the south can be.

There is a beautiful lagoon with three fountains.
  There is a brick walkway that goes around the water.
It is always nice to stroll around the water
 while you're at The Grand.  So peaceful!

Sometimes you see fish jumping in the water.  You'll always see the ducks.  They are very polite.  They don't rush up to you.  They are quiet as they share their home with visitors.

The property is on Mobile Bay.  You can walk along the grounds and see the water. 
 It is so pretty and relaxing.  There are a lot of pelicans that fly over the bay. 

Every afternoon at 4 o'clock, they fire this cannon.
They tell you a little bit of history and then they fire the cannon. 


After the cannon is fired, you may go inside and have tea. 
 They serve tea, coffee, homemade cookies and scones. Yummy!

Even people who don't normally drink coffee,
 have a cup when they're at The Grand.

 They have bikes that you may ride while you're staying at The Grand Hotel. 

They have wonderful pools, too. They have a big one for everyone and then
 a regular sized one for the adults only.  No splashing kids allowed!! :)

One time, they had this guy out by the pool playing his guitar. 
 How good can it get?

During some summer nights, they have a bon fire on the beach.  They start that fire and then put out sticks and little individual bags that have everything you need to make the perfect s'more.

I hope you enjoyed the trip to The Grand Hotel!

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Teresa said...

What a FUN place!
Point Clear looks like the type of place you can go and never leave the grounds.
LOVE it!
And you know I LOVE that bon~fire!
Afternoon tea....now that's something to look forward to each day!
Hugs from Bainbridge Marsha!
Love having your blog come through my email!

pollydove said...

Hi Marsha! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. This looks like my kind of place! WOW! Great tour ... great pictures ... you are a girl after my own heart. I am SO into the scenery too!!! ;)