Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Green

Green is my favorite colorThe other day I found these green glasses and I decided to get them.  I 've put together a winter table using my new green glasses and I want to share it with you today.  Do you ever have a day that you need your hands to be busy and your mind free?  Well, that's what I needed yesterday when I started working on my new ideas for our table. 

I had my table decorated with the little snowmen that I've made. 
I thought that each place looked sweet with its own little frosty creations.

I wasn't ready to get rid of my winter thoughts,
so I decided to keep a few things that would remind me of winter days.

So, here is what I have designed....
I started with some pine greenery with little pine cones.  I added a couple of
different-looking larger pine cones that I found earlier this fall.

I decided to use these snowflake napkin rings.
I thought they would look nice with the green napkins.

I added one of my silver-colored mercury glass
 trees from my dining room table.

I think you can see the arrangement better from this angle. 
I got the container for Christmas and I was excited to use it on my table.

Now you can see the green glasses.

I made the place mats using some burlap I had left over from another project.
I used another place mat for my pattern.
I cut the burlap and then pulled a few threads to make the fringe.
If there were any edges that didn't look even, I trimmed them with my pinking shears.
I did this outside so I wouldn't make a mess in the house.
I ironed the place mats and that really made them look great!
Since I already had the burlap, is was very inexpensive to make the place mats. 
I have enough to make a small runner, too!

I love using these colors for a winter table. 
 I haven't used these colors before in January and I really like the change. 
 I can't wait for a warm and cozy meal at this table.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Snowmen

I LOVE SNOWMEN!  Do you?  We don't get a lot of snow down here in Alabama, so when we do get the white stuff, I always make a snowman. 

Since we don't always get snow, I make my own
 snowmen here in the warmth of my home.
I started making these guys several years ago
when I became interested in vintage-style Halloween decorations.
Since I couldn't find the items I wanted,
I began to make things.  After I made Halloween items,
 I decided to make vintage-style snowmen, too. I had thought
I might sell my art on ETSY or join an on-line crafting group
 and that is why I decided to start this blog, Marsha's Creekside Creations.

My snowmen (and women) are jolly and warm.

Some of my snowmen have names.  This is "Dapper Dan."

My snowmen smile even on the warmest winter days. 

This is "Jack Frost."  He's ready to blow some chilly air your way.

My little snowmen aren't just cute, they have a purpose, too.
  They are little boxes that can hide treats or small gifts.

Can't you just hear the words to the song,
 "In the meadow, we can build a snowman..."


This guy has a lot of personality.  He is very jolly. 
I named him, "Party Snowman."

This is "Peppermint Pattie."

 I think this guy needs a hat.  What do you think?


I try to use a lot of detail when I make my snowmen. 
I make the little ruffle collars from crepe paper that I fold and glue. 
 There is a lot of crepe paper in each collar.

 I think this guys have a little bit of a vintage feel to them. 
Do you agree?

 She's wearing a little Christmas wreath on her frosty head for a hat.


My little snowmen smile all the time.
They do not fear the sun's rays like the Frosty in the song.
They love a sunny day!

I hope they've brought a smile to your face today.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frosty Table

I like snow.  We don't get it very often, so I try to make things look like winter in our home during the winter months.  I like to use items on my table that makes me think of chilly days, snowflakes and snowmen.
Here's the table in our kitchen.
I like to think that the little bowl is holding the perfect snowball
and the napkin ring is the most perfect of snowflakes.

No winter table at my house is complete until a snowman is present. 
This guy is a cute one. He has shiny mica glitter on him for a vintage-style look.

This bowl holds vintage mercury glass ornaments. 

I like my blue glasses with this place setting. 
 I've had the glasses for about twenty-five years.

Welcome winter.

Do you welcome winter at your home?  I'd love to know!

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