Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Antique Farm House--Where are You?

     You might have seen the tiny little post that I did last week on the Antique Farm House and their emails.  You can read the post here: Antique Farm House and the Prize-Winning Bull Picture.  Well, it's happened again.  And again.  I already have the items that they are selling on their web site!   It's like they've been in my home.  I wonder if they are still here and where they are hiding? So, I got yesterday's email on the The Bakery.  One of the items that was featured was a butter churn.


     Well, I've got that already.  Here's the butter churn that came from my grandparent's home in Nebraska. 

Butter Churn

     I keep the churn in my laundry room on top of my freezer.  It has a little piece of tape on it the top with my grandmother's last name written on it in my aunt's handwriting.  
    Before I could post about the butter churn, I recieved today's email and the items featured included Farm House Basics.  There were various items and included in their offerings were vintage-style game boards....  GOT IT!

       Here's my vintage Chinese Checkers game board.  I remember playing Chinese Checkers on this board when I was a little girl.  We play Chinese Checkers on this board now with our daughter. 

    Here are the marbles we use for our game.  Most of them are the marbles I played with on the board when I was a little girl.

     I decided to show off the board along with my new vintage grain sack that I mentioned in this post

     I know it is coincidence that I have the same things that are being offered on this site, but, I'm beginning to wonder what else they will happen to sell that I already have....or, on the other hand, could they secretly be aware of the things I have in my home?  And if this is the case, then do they also know about the basket of laundry that needs to be folded....hummm....
     Whatever the case my be, if they decide to offer an enamel Cream City lunch pail (with the paper label still on it), I have that.  I also have several old sewing baskets, a shoe last, and if they decide to start selling Farm House furniture, I'm ready.  I have the three-door ice box and a pie safe with the original tin doors in the garage. 

                                 Now, I better go fold some laundry!

Joining the party:

The Farmhoue Porch

I've Joined THE CLUB

     Are you a member of a club?  You might have been in some clubs when you were growing up. You know....Girl Scouts where you were 10 years old, the Math Club in junior high,  or the Newspaper Club in high School.  But are you in any clubs now?  As an adult, I belong to several clubs.  You know, the type.  Someone writes a letter of recommendation and then the memebership votes on you.  You do community service projects and volunteer at a school.

     Well, I decided I wanted to join a club.   But, it's not like any of the clubs I mentioned above.  It's a BLOGGER CLUB.   Yep! I just put myself up for membership and gave myself permission to join.  If you're a Blogger, you might already be a member of this club.  You don't have to wait to be invited to join.  You just join. Isn't that fun?!!  You decide and then join.  So that's what I decided to do, I joined THE CLUB.

     I decided to join this club.  The Demijohn Club.  I had seen three beautiful demijohns recently at a local antique store.  One was very large and very pretty, in good condition, but too big for me.  The other two were better sizes for my purpose and both were in great condition.  I'd visited the two smaller ones several times, and then the other morning, only one small and the larger demijohn were left.  I finally decided to join THE CLUB.  So, here's  my demijohn making it's first appearance in our home.
     This is the way our great room mantel looked after clearing out Christmas. I like the new addition to the mantel. What do you think?

Here is the demijohn in it's new home.

     I also joined another club a few weeks ago, but I haven't gotten to mention my membership until just now. Yes, I've joined another BLOGGER CLUB. It's the Vintage Grain Sack Club. I was in an antique/flea market in another town a few weeks ago and I found this vintage grain sack. I was SHOCKED. I mean, completely surprised. I'd seen lots of pictures of them on various blogs, but when I saw them in person, I wasn't really sure... I took a iphone picture and sent it to a blogger buddie and I even said, "I think it's a grain sack."    DUH.   I was so shocked to find a dozen of them here-- in Alabama! The prices were great $36 and I asked and received a discount at the register which made it $32. I think I did okay on my purchase. I like that this one has an initial sewn on it.

After Christmas coffee table with the runner my grandmother made.

Here is the grain sack on our coffee table. 
     I like being in these two clubs.  I'm not ready to paint my furniture or go neutral with my color scheme, but, I'm enjoying making updates that I appreciate and enjoy.  I'd recommend you to join either club.  I'll even write you a letter of recommendation.
Are you a memeber of a club?  I'd love to hear your story!

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