Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Victorian Front Porch Christmas

Have you ever been to Opelika, Alabama?  I'd love to share with you a special event that is held there each year at Christmas.  It's called the Victorian Front Porch Christmas and it takes place in the historic neighborhoods of Opelika.  For just a few days (and nights), you can visit the area and view the beautifully decorated porches.  There are about sixty homes that are decorated for the event.  You can read more about the event here : Victorian Front Porch Christmas .

There is a cheerful sign that welcomes visitors
 to the Victorian Front Porch Christmas.

Then as you drive down the street, you begin to see the lovely displays on the porches and in the yards.  There are Santas, angels, pretty ladies and even a carriage or two.

With a nod to Gone with the Wind, here is Rhett, Scarlett and little Bonnie Blue.

The decorations are on display for a few days every year.  The event starts today and ends on Saturday this year.  If you're in the area, be sure to attend.  If you are in the area at night--well, you're really in luck!  The displays are lighted and are just beautiful at night.  If you attend on Saturday, the streets will be closed and there will be a walking tour for you to enjoy the homes and their decorations.

This reindeer pulling the carriage is one of my favorite displays.

The colors of the displays coordinate with the colors of the homes. 
 Isn't this a pretty blue Santa?

Joining the Party:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Magic

On the first Saturday in December, I like to go to a special place. I like to go behind this door. It's not a very fancy door, but I can't wait to walk inside.

When I go behind this door, it's like magic.

I think that this place is magical because you can see and feel the Spirit of Christmas behind this door.
This door opens up to an old curb market.

I like to go on a cold and crisp Saturday morning. I love the smell of evergreen as I walk through the door. As soon as you open the door, you are greeted with the site of dozens of poinsettias, the smell of evergreen and the warm air.

The flowers come in a wonderful variety of size and color.

There are giant heaters mounted to the ceiling
and they blow out waves of warm air.

Monkey Pine, cedar and Fraser fur boughs have been skillfully made into beautiful wreaths or garlands. They are so fresh and they smell like Christmas.

The people who sell at the Montgomery Curb Market have been here for years. They have the same booths and you can return year after year and see the same people selling their greenery, vegetables, baked goods and canned items.

Busy shoppers make their way up and down the isles as they make their holiday purchases. Some shoppers hurry from booth to booth while others move more slowly. I am one of the slower shoppers. I move from booth to booth and isle to isle as I savor the atmosphere. Over the years I have taken many friends to the curb market at Christmas and each one of them has left saying that the experience is just as I have promised,"Magic."