Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Trip to Franklin Tennessee

It's spring break week for us and since our daughter is out of school, we decided to take a little trip and decided to go to Franklin, Tennessee.  Franklin isn't very far away from us, so we had plenty of time to shop, eat, see the sites and rest.

I love all the fun decor items I see posted in Blog Land.  I enjoy looking, but find it hard to participate at times, since I have a traditional home and some of the things that are so fun right now or that I'm attracted to, aren't so traditional.

There were a number of fun antique and home shops that we got to visit while in Franklin.  Some were high end and very trendy with wonderful repurposed items.  Some stores had nice collections of shabby chic items.  Others just had junky stuff and a few others had country home style offerings.

Would you like to see some of the items I saw this week?

 I loved this display caddy.  It looks like a tool box
of some type.  Note to self, go check out Daddy's tool shed.

This store had a lot of signs and items that were wired to be light fixtures.

Cool idea for a folding carpenter's ruler.

I love containers. 
Containers made out of wire are always appealing.

I love all the light blue bottles seen here. 
I remember digging up bottles like this
with my Dad one time when I was a little girl.
My brother, I remember, later used them for target practice.

Bottles and kitchen scales.

Another tool caddy.

Olive baskets.

Old books, a globe and a type writer.

Wooden milk crates.

A nice collection of ironstone at this store.

Berry crates.  I really looked at these--I just knew I could do 
something with them when entertaining.

I just loved these milk bottles in their carrier. 
What would I do with those and why
 did I secretly want them?  I'm glad they
were already sold.

Large chippy candle sticks.

Well, I did get one of these items! 
I'll let you know later,
when I find it the perfect home.

Blogger Friend, Dawn, from Creative Cain Cabin recently visited Franklin, Tennessee, too.  You can read about her trip here: Front Porch , Plantation Homes , Tennessee Mini Vacation

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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Spring Mantel

I love our outdoor fireplace.  I decorated my mantel this weekend.  The weather was nice and we did some yard work while we had the opportunity.  

The pansies have been here all winter,
but they have really looked nice these last few days.

I got out a couple of decorations that were put up for the winter. 
My star is staring to rust and I'm trying to decide if I'll paint it.

Our azaleas and red bud tree are blooming.
I got new Kimberly Queen ferns last week. 
They are beautiful and make any space special.

I got the Gerber daisy last week, too.  I just couldn't resist!

Happy Spring!

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