Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Sled in the Dining Room

I had a flood of ideas come to mind that day in October when I walked into my local Michael's craft store.  They had a great-looking display featuring Christmas greenery, frosty berries and snowy pine cones.  I had grown tired of my Christmas tablescape in my formal dining room.  It was easy, fast and always looked great...for the last......14 years.  Years.  Yes.  I had used the same idea for my table for 14 years (I'm ashamed to admit it).   Well, now that I've said that, let's move on to this year---back to Michael's.  In less than five minutes, I had my new table decor all planned in my head.  Over the next few weeks, I began to search for and purchase all the components that I thought might look good on the table (I'll note where I made my purchases at the end of this post). I already had the MAIN item for my table. A SNOW SLED!  Yes, a snow sled.  And not a cute little miniature snow sled----I was going to use a real snow sled!  When I mentioned my new table idea to a few folks, they seemed interested in the idea but I could tell some couldn't quite imagine what my dining room table might look like with a full-sized sled as a centerpiece. 

Well............ It looks great! 

I purchased my vintage sled several years ago and have enjoyed using it as a part of my Christmas decor. It usually sits at our fireplace hearth in our family room. I often see sleds propped up by fireplaces or doors and porches on Pinterest--- I haven't seen them on formal dining room tables, though. 

I started with a new plaid table runner.
(I tried a burlap table runner, but fell in love with the plaid).
I added the sled. 
  I placed it at a slight angle and I made sure that
I could still seat guests around the table, too.

I added fresh greenery and pine cones.  
I clipped up a few icy-looking berry sprays
 and tucked them into the greenery.
I also bought and clipped up one package of frosty sticks.  
I tucked these into the greenery, too.
I added some distressed-looking silver mercury glass ornaments.
I added some "snow" flakes.  
Here in central Alabama, we don't have white Christmases....
unless we MAKE them ourselves.

I added the cute galvanized deer--one to each end of the table.
I added the red mercury glass candle holders and a bit more snow.
The hardest decision was the charger.
  I have galvanized chargers, but they didn't look right with my Christmas china. 
 I didn't want to use red chargers, either.
But, I had these burlap ones and I thought they
 looked okay with the china. 
I used these cute plaid napkins with the plain napkin rings
 (I kinda miss the Santa face napkin rings I've been using for so many years--sniff).
I added the poinsettia and dressed it with a burlap bow.  I had planned to use an old crock to hold the poinsettia, but it wasn't a good fit.  Instead of the crock, I used this vintage, galvanized calf-nursing bucket.  It's perfect!
The head of the table.
The foot of the table.

Here's the last view of my table. 
 I'm pleased that I tried something new this year.  I can get pretty happy in my rut---do you like a rut or something new every year?
Here's the link to my previous Christmas table decor:
Nutcracker Dining Room Table

Plaid table runner-T. J. Maxx
Frosty sticks-Michael's
Icy berry sprays-Michael's
Galvanized deer-Hobby Lobby
Plaid napkins-Hobby Lobby 
Red candle holders-Target, T. J. Maxx and Michael's

Other items I mentioned and already had:
Burlap chargers: Hobby Lobby
Christmas china:  Country Holly by Lenox
Napkin rings: Belk

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Getting Ready for The Market on Chapel Hill

It's almost time for The Market on Chapel Hill at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama.  Are you planning to go?  It's October 3 and starts at 9:00 ---- but be there early to get a great spot in line!  
I've been getting things ready for the sale.  I'm excited to be a vendor this year.  Here are some of the things I've been working on and getting ready for this year's vintage market event.

I hope these library drawers find an exciting home!  The Geer table has a beautiful enamel top in almost perfect condition and will be nice addition to someone's kitchen. The table reminds me of the one that my great-aunt had in her kitchen.  The cooking that went on in that kitchen was AMAZING! And, I'll have several metal signs----all new (old stock).  I washed off the layer of dust that was on them from years of sitting around at my local hardware store.
 I hope someone will like this chippy stool and the scruffy bench. And who doesn't love an old galvanized bucket??  I'm not too proud to say that I love galvanized buckets.......what about you??
I will have these four shutters at The Market and this table, too!  

Looking forward to October 3!

Friday, August 28, 2015

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

     I'm trying to remember if I ever had to write a report with this title when I went back to school....Did you ever write a report with that title? Well, if I was going to write the report, I would mention the fun I have had this summer getting ready for a special day.
Mark your calendars for October 3.  That's the day of the wonderful sale at The Market on Chapel Hill.  It all takes place at The Waters in Pike Road, Alabama. 

Come join me at "The Market on Chapel Hill"
     This is going to be the third year for this vintage market and it promises to be even better THIS year! There are so many wonderful and talented vendors/bloggers and I'm honored to be included in this group.
I've attended the two previous Chapel Markets (new name: The Market on Chapel Hill) and here's a post I wrote about my first trip here.

     So, would you like to see some of the things I'm collecting to take to this year's fabulous event??  

I've found cameras.

I love this blue and green combo--
the McCoy pottery caught my eye.
I like this industrial look--do you?

I haven't fished in years, but I love minnow buckets.  
The graphics on these old beauties caught my eye at the same sale.

Gotta love a tool caddy.

Ironstone and other pottery pieces. 

Beautiful linens.

Cute little Shiny Brites.

Old scales.

I was late attending this sale and it was super hot in the tool shed on this particular afternoon.  For some reason, I squatted down to look and see if there was anything in the corner and this is what I saw.  Do you see it?
I'll bet you see if for sure in this picture....

Yes.  An enamel-topped table!
It took me awhile to get it out of it's hiding place,
 but my efforts yielded a wonderful Geer table!

I'll bring this lovely set of spice jars to this year's event.

And I hope this 1950's quilt ends up on the top of a little girl's bed.  
I can see it --so cute and sweet. 

I hope to see you at The Market on Chapel Hill. You can keep up with the details on FACEBOOK: The Market on Chapel Hill

 My booth is named CREEKSIDE.
Follow my updates here and on Instagram: creekside36.

A beautiful summer day--waiting for an estate sale to begin. 
That's how I spent my summer vacation.  

If you're planning to attend the sale--
what treasure do you hope to take home?  

Joining the Party:
Vintage Inspiration Party

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Historic Mooresville, Alabama

I got to visit Mooresville, Alabama in June.  I had read about this quiet and tiny place in north Alabama and was delighted to visit in person.  Come along and visit this picturesque town with me on this hot Alabama afternoon from the cool of your own home.
Mooresville is one of the oldest incorporated towns in Alabama (November 16, 1818) and the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  
This lovely church was completed in 1830.
 There was a wedding scheduled at the church later in the day.
  Let's take a peek inside.


I don't know if I would have noticed this detail on
 my own, but I had read about this
special steeple. Instead of a
 traditional cross, there is a
finger pointing the way to heaven. 
  I'm glad I didn't miss that!
There are 53 residents in Mooresville and
 they live in beautiful homes.  

Picket fences are popular and so are American flags.
 Some of the homes are modest cottages. 
 Some are hidden in the lush plantings that surround them.
Can't you imagine yourself on your daily walk
 or a bike ride past these lovely sites?  
I think I could get rid of a few
 extra pounds this way and say it was a real pleasure!
There are lovely flower gardens.  A treat for the eye!
There is another little church.
There is also a Post Office--it is the oldest
 Post Office in continuous use in the state of Alabama.

I found this home to be very appealing. 
 I wonder what it looks like at Christmas?  
I know they have some special events
 in Mooresville during the Christmas season.
I love the red door!

This little cottage is so sweet.
Thank you for joining me on my visit to Mooresville. 
 It was a delight to drive down it's quiet streets
 and enjoy the beauty of this small town.