Saturday, April 30, 2011

Roll Tide

So many people across our nation have viewed the destruction of the tornadoes that swept across the south on Wednesday.  My heart goes out to all those who are suffering, who have lost loved ones and who are now attempting to rebuild their lives.

As a tribute to Tuscaloosa and her spirit, I post the following pictures made at the Auburn/Alabama game on November 30th of 2010.

President's Mansion


Stadium Entrance

Bear Bryant Statue

Pre-Game Show

You are STRONG

To see more posts on Tuscaloosa, link with my friend, Teresa, on Blooming on Bainbridge.  She has family in Tuscaloosa and has three lovely and touching posts that she has made this week. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Baby Birds

My last report on the baby birds begins with a concern for the upcoming bad weather that is being predicted for Wednesday.  The weather forcasters have predicted very bad weather for Wednesday afternoon and evening.  My concern reaches out for all, but here in my little world, it also means a concern and a prayer, too, for these four baby birds.  I can tell they are getting ready to fly.  I can hear their parents, in the back yard,  calling to them.  While the parents are calling, if you walk by the nest, the babies, who have been leaning forward in anticipation of their upcoming flight, quickly lean back into the nest.  They are so cute.  They look like little birds now.  I hope their parents don't ask them to fly on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning and when I check on the babies, I see that the nest is empty.  I listen carefully and can hear the calls and clucks from the woods beyond our yard.  The wren family is now on their own-away from the safety of their little nest, but with the parents.  I pray that the little birds have a good head start on the storms that will move in today. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Babies Today

Here is how the baby birds look today.

Wednesday afternoon, April 20, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Life

The little wrens hatched last Thursday.  I knew something was happening because the eggs looked different.  Several days before the eggs hatched, they developed a brown ring around one end.  Then, a couple of days later, the babies hatched.

We've had several cool days and that mommy bird sure has been taking care to stay on the nest and keep those babies warm.  I was finally able to get a picture today while the mom was getting them something to eat.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crafty Friday

Do you enjoy crafts?  I do.  I got together with two friends on Thursday and we made plans to make a cute picture/note holder the following day. We made assignments for materials and tools and headed to the craft house on Friday after our children went to school. 

I was to bring several tools and I decided at the last minute that I might need to be in charge of picking up donuts, too.  I took orders over the phone.

The day was already wonderful!  My donut is the chocolate one. 

After breakfast, we got started with our project.

We checked to see how the pieces looked that we were going to use.  We were very fortunate that Home Depot cut the boards for us.  What a time-saver!

We moved the project outside to the porch.  We could really spread out there.  We didn't have to worry about saw dust getting everywhere, either!

We got started and I think I was charge (it's because I like power tools).

 We had enough materials to make nine picture holders.
  We have a friend who couldn't hang out with us--
don't tell her, but we're making one for her!!

I tapped a little mark in the metal sheet before drilling the holes for the rivets.

I drilled the holes in each corner.  I used a piece of extra wood under the metal so I could drill completely through the metal and not harm the table.

We decided to assemble one of the picture holders just to make sure that it wouldn't be too top-heavy.  Seeing that all was well, we continued to drill pieces in an assembly line.  The metal sheets were matched with the wooden boards to make sure that the holes lined up.

I drilled holes in all the bases, too.

We had to stop and get our children from school because they were dismissed early due to the inclement weather we were expecting.

After we got them back to the house, we started painting.
My friend decided on this lovely turquoise color. 
She will use this picture holder at her lake house.

I decided on this red.
  It will be great for Christmas, band pictures,
4th of July and Valentine's Day photos.

We packed everything up when the first (of MANY) tornado sirens sounded.

When we got home, I decided to make a pizza. 
 I had seen a recipe for home-made pizza dough that I wanted to try. 
 I'm not very good with yeast, but I did a great job on this dough!

I cooked (and shredded) chicken breasts with garlic and then caramelized some onions with a few mushrooms.  I used a little sauce with basil.  Then, I added fresh basil and oregano and two cups of cheese!  It was a great pizza!

I painted the remainder of my pieces after dinner. 

Saturday afternoon, I distressed the edges and rubbed on a little bit of darker paint for a contrast in the areas that I had sanded free of the red paint.
I sealed all the pieces with a coat of semi-gloss spray.
  Then I put all the pieces together.

Here's the finished product!  What do you think??

The Lettered Cottage
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Thursday, April 14, 2011



Do you ever find something that you really like and then you want more???  Well, I'm like that about a number of things, but these are my new "must haves."  They are vintage silverware pieces that have been turned into garden markers. 

You can pick out the pieces you want and what you want each piece to say.

  I picked out the pieces and had the names of the herbs that I'm growing this year stamped into the metal.  I got them at an etsy store called, Monkeys Always Look.  A crazy name, but unique and fun garden markers!

This oregano is one of my favorites.

I just look at this plant with the marker and it makes me smile!



Oh, and the lovely basil.

What are you loving these days?