Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break Coffee Table

I enjoy decorating my coffee table.  I don't paint or move my furniture, but I do try to freshen up my family room by making a few changes each month.  Today, I'm sharing with you a coffee table idea that I've had in mind for quite some time.  It's a vignette on my coffee table that calls out Vintage Spring Break in all capitol letters!!

I purchased the flamingo planter last November--I have to admit,
 I passed it by at the church sale a couple of 
 times before I decided to buy it.
 I then found the metal Florida souvenir bowl
 and my idea for the coffee table began to take shape.
The bowl is appealing with it's still-bright colors. I believe the bowl is from the early 1970's as it has Disney World noted on the map.
I already had the vintage postcards that I received from a sweet friend.   
I used a burlap runner (for my sand) and a blue tray I made and painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in duck egg blue (for my water).  I also added a few shells that I've picked up on beach walks.
My final addition to the coffee table is of course, a book about the beach--Mary Kay Andrews' Beach Town.  And, have your heard????Mary Kay Andrews has a 100 page novella that will come out on April 5th entitled, Change of Scene.  It's a prequel to Beach Town and it will only be available as a e-book.  

It all comes together for a fun Vintage Spring Break Coffee Table. It brings back memories of family trips of the past and a few trips I hope to make in the future.
What about you?  Do you have some nice spring break memories? Did you get to go to the beach or maybe the mountains for a quick spring break getaway?  I'd love for you to share a memory today!

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

And It Looked Like George Washington

I saw this sweet little lamb cake pan at an antique store a few weeks ago and I just had to get it.  It's one of the heavier pans (not aluminum).  Most people would use this pan to bake a cake.  Well, I bought it for a table centerpiece... and because it brought to mind a funny story my friend told me years ago.
I have a friend who doesn't cook...well she can, but cooking is kinda an "adventure" for her.  She has a nice collection of china...various patterns and all of them are so pretty.  I remember she once said, "I might not cook much, but I can get something at the store, bring it home and make it look good on my plates."   

She is one of the smartest ladies I know and she is well-versed on a large number of topics.  And her memory-wow-amazing!

So here's the story:
     Years ago, my friend was making a lamb cake using a pan similar to the one above.  The cake was going to be used as the centerpiece for her Easter table.  She had a friend over--"because I would never have made a cake alone."  So they were working together to make the cake and realized (when she took a sample) that they forgot to add the sugar to the cake.  So, they made a second cake. When they were taking the cake out of the pan, the lamb's head fell OFF

She told me that they ended up icing the PAN and using it as the centerpiece!!  She said they tied the pans together with a string and then they iced it.  She said when they finished with the lamb's ears, it looked like George Washington!

So here's how I made my centerpiece.  

I decided to start this project late in the afternoon, so I wasn't really interested in going to the store.  You can buy moss-covered wreaths in most craft stores, but I had these items on hand and I decided to use them instead.  I decided to press in the sharp edges my foam wreath--you can see how much softer the edges look now.  I just pushed in the edges with my fingers.  Then, I hot-glued the sheet moss to the wreath.  It was pretty easy to cover.  The moss shed a bit, so I was glad I did this step outside.

Then, it was time begin my Easter table design.

  This is a hydra pick. 
 You can fill it with water and then put small flowers or greenery in the small hole.   You can add flowers to spots that might prove to be problematic without the hydra pick.  I picked a few azaleas, some violas and a couple of sprigs of a kimberly fern to add some color to my wreath.

I got out this piece of hand-made lace.  
I'm not sure who made it, but I would guess it was my grandmother. 
 I know she knew how to tat.

I used a burlap charger and added my Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage leaf plates.  Yes, I think I got them with the encouragement of my friend who likes china, but who doesn't cook too often.  I added napkins with wicker napkin rings.  I used vintage silver-plate flatware.  I know I bought the silver-plate with a friend who doesn't cook too often..... It's always nice to have friends that understand that you just want things you really don't need :) 

 Here's a final look at the place setting.
Dear sweet little lamb--you make me smile for so many reasons.  
I wish you all a joyful Easter season!

Sources:  chargers (Hobby Lobby), plates (Williams-Sonoma), napkins (Belk), napkin rings (Target) 
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

No Guilt Soup Tureen Love

I love all the beautiful French ironstone pieces I see when I visit blogs.....I have secretly wanted a soup tureen, but here in central Alabama, well, we are just out of the French soup tureen loop

I would look at them long and often on ebay and etsy, but didn't feel like I would make a purchase from those sites.  I guess I wanted to hear the choir singing in the background when I saw it for the first time--in person.   You know what I mean--the thrill of discovery! Another reason I have hesitated to make a purchase is the cost.  I love the older pieces but they tend to be a bit hard on the budget (but they are antique and from another country).  I told myself I couldn't justify the purchase because I'm too practical and I don't live in a French country home...
if I did, I might be more inclined to look into a purchase.  
      So, when I saw this tureen a few weeks ago, I decided to bring it home.
I found this piece in a local thrift store in mint condition and
 of course, at a fraction of the cost of a French antique. 
 It's rather freeing.... I don't feel like I have to display this tureen 
for months on end because I spent so much money on it. 
 It's a vintage item with identifying maker marks on the bottom
 that show it was made by California Pottery.   
I love that it has the under plate for the tureen to rest on and I love that the design compliments my white Italian Countryside china.
I love the piece, the price and I can still purchase a French antique tureen when I see one AND of course
if the choir is singing!  

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