Monday, February 3, 2014

I Love a Crafty Day.....Marshmallows

I know many of you heard about our crazy weather that we had in the south last week.  I made my trip to the grocery store and thought that when the weather got icy, I would make some homemade peach fried pies.  My mom made them for us on cold snowy days when I was a little girl. 

Well, it never happened. 

Sometimes, cooking can be like crafting...only better, because you get to eat your project.

THIS is what happened instead.... 


Now I've made marshmallows in the past with a recipe from M. S.  It was a recipe I got from her magazine about 8-10 years ago....long before gourmet marshmallow confections became popular...before blogging....before Pinterest.  I decided to try my hand with a new recipe and boy am I a happy lady!

Aren't they just beautiful???


A cup of hot cocoa on a frigid day with the delightful addition of a delicious and perfectly plump homemade marshmallow.  So easy to make and a fun project, too!   ENJOY!

Here's where I got the recipe: marshmallow recipe