Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fences and Gates

Do you ever look forward to taking a walk?  One that you don't get to take very often?  One  that you really look forward to when you can take it?  Well, I got to take that walk last Tuesday.  On Mobile Bay--at Point Clear there is a sidewalk that I love to take.  It takes me past the homes of people who live and vacation on the bay.  I love to take the walk every time I'm down at Point Clear, Alabama. I love the water, the homes, the flowers, the fences and the gates that I walk past when I go for my walk.  I want to share that walk with you here. 

 I love this picture because you can see the Spanish moss blowing on the bay breeze.

I like that some of the fences are a combination of materials.

A walk here never feels like exercise for your body.  It feels like a gift to your soul.

The walk never becomes tiring or too long when
 you're walking on the sidewalk on Mobile Bay.

A walk that is a treat for the eyes.

I love to walk past this fence because of the rosemary that it planted there.  I love to lightly touch the tips of the plant as I walk by and smell the lovely fragrance.  On a warm afternoon, it is a refreshing treat!

I love this walk. 

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