Friday, March 27, 2015

Early Spring Table

I have a spring table that I would like to share with you today.  I haven't used these cabbage plates from Williams-Sonoma for 
several years, so I was happy to get them out for
 this tablescape.  I used burlap covered chargers
 to add to the layers that I wanted to create for the table.

The fresh green color was perfect for this early spring day.
I covered my table with a lovely piece of linen I bought last fall. 
 I absolute love this fabric on my table. 

 I got these napkins several years ago.
 I really like them and I wish I had bought
 more than the four that I have.

Many years ago, I bought four place settings of silver-plated flatware.  My friend and I had fun selecting pieces-- I bought four of each--but each of the pieces is different (the dinner forks are all the same pattern, the knives
 are all alike but a different pattern, etc.) 

Then, I added this round woven tray
 that belonged to my great-grandmother. 

I love the beautiful patina on this tray.

I added a little table, a lantern, some dried fern
 and moss rocks to make my centerpiece.
You don't need flowers to make a pretty table.

I decided to add this little rabbit that I have had for several years.
This could easily be an Easter table--especially
 if your little ones are all grown up.

I know many of you have had many very snowy days...I've seen those forecasts on the news.  I hope my early spring table will remind you that warmer days are sure to be here, soon!

Tablecloth fabric:  Hobby Lobby
Napkins:  Pottery Barn
Burlap chargers:  Hobby Lobby
China:  Williams-Sonoma
Silver:  Various silver-plated patterns
Moss rocks-Dollar Tree

Joining the party:

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Coffee Table with a Vintage Seltzer Bottle

I recently posted about a fun stop at Plunderosa Antiques in Loxley, Alabama.  They feature many lovely vintage items from Europe.

I got this beautiful vintage
 seltzer bottle on my visit. 

I decided it was time to change up my coffee table with
 some spring items and I included the seltzer bottle.

I gathered some spring-like items and
 arranged them on this large wooden tray.

This was a real nest that we found several years ago
 in our crepe myrtle tree.  I painted some eggs
 to give the nest a more realistic touch.
I placed the nest in a tarnished Revere bowl.  Then, I
 placed the silver bowl inside a bowl that belonged to my
 aunt.  I think the floral edge is a perfect pop of 
color and goes along with my spring theme.

 The bottle has a "foot" or rim around the bottom.  It's
 different than my other seltzer bottle.  It also has
 a glass straw instead of a plastic one. The nice folks
 at Plunderosa Antiques told me how to take the
 top apart so I could clean the inside.  They suggested
 I invert the bottle and spray the hardware 
with WD-40 and leave it over-night.
  It worked like a charm!

It's bright and cheerful. 
 A new peace lily.  A couple of books
 and a bird paperweight complete the collection.

I'll bet you're ready for spring, too.  What are you doing to get ready for the warmer weather?  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

On a recent trip, we stopped at the Plunderosa in Loxley, Alabama. Yes, there's a restaurant nearby that offers an All You Can Eat Quail night.  Humm....I wonder how many quails the average person eats???......I digress...     
     I was curious to head into an antique store that I had not visited in many years. The first thing I saw really piqued my curiosity. The lighting wasn't great over there in that back corner, but I thought to myself, "That looks like a Gypsy wagon." Taking a closer look, I decided that it was part of a Gypsy wagon--the part that the passengers sat in.  It had been lifted off the wheels and the wagon base and was just sitting there in the back of the store in the corner. Remember, I'm in a store in south Alabama???  A Gypsy wagon.....ok, so now I hear that Cher song in my head as I start to really look around.  Then, I began to realize that this isn't a store that sells your average Alabama-type antiques.  The more I looked around, the more delighted I became.  There were a good number of items that were obviously from Europe.  I spoke to the kind ladies at the check out area and my thoughts were confirmed.....they shopped in Europe and had containers of treasure shipped here!

Here's a sample of the offerings--

Lots of beautiful demijohns

Stained glass doors and windows

Another Gypsy wagon--complete with the wheels--
and full of wonderful wooden tools

They didn't have any bread boards, but the lady said buyers often cut down the longer handles to make a bread board from these paddles with the long handles.  I smiled at the lady and said, "I bet you have a saw in the back to help folks out." She smiled back and said, "Yes."  
You've just got to love helpful people......

They had painted furniture

They had GOAT HEADS!
I took a bunch of pictures of the goat heads (holding the camera up in the air) and never got a good shot.  They were on some tall pieces of furniture--up high where you could kinda see them, but where they wouldn't be disturbed by curious little fingers. 
 The goat heads were $150

They had antlers--these were very large

There were bread/dough bowls--many, many different sizes

Grain sacks

Loved the zinc sinks.  
These were very large.  I've wanted one for years, but we didn't have room in the car....even if I left my daughter behind..... :)

Shutters with chippy paint

The had pickling jars in a variety of colors

I came home with a couple of treasures and I will be sharing those items in a future post.  Here's a link to the Plunderosa Antiques.
Lorraine will be happy to answer any questions you may have about items in her wonderful store.  I hope you will be able to stop if you're in the area or going to the Gulf Coast Beaches.