Thursday, February 11, 2016

Winter White with a Vintage Rhinestone Pin

A few days ago, I decided to use some white on my coffee table. The white looks so nice and clean and reminds me of the snow we don't get very often here in central Alabama.  :(
 Here's the complete look.
I started with a burlap runner on the top of the coffee table.
I added a tray that I had made from a chippy cabinet door.
Next came a pretty candle.
Then I used a piece of ironstone to hold a few interesting items.
And last, I put a nice fresh plant in an old planter.
Here are the details.

I like the frosty ornament with the pretty pin
 and the unexpected pine cone.
When I made the tray, I added these handles.  They are old galvanized pulls that I got at a flea market several years ago.
In this picture, you can see my fireplace with the cozy jugs
and the white architectural piece on the mantel.
I got the pair of Indian juggling clubs that I purchased 
from Miss Mustard Seed at The Market on 
Chapel Hill last October.  I just love them!
Now let's look at the last detail.  
A pretty rhinestone pin.
This pin was on my grandmother's wedding dress in 1929.
It looks so nice here-admired and on display (and so much
better than in a drawer--don't you think?)
Maybe there's a spot in your home that might need a change??
I'm enjoying this new vignette, but I know it will
change in a few weeks as spring approaches.

Have you made in changes in your home recently?  

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bees and Tea

Since Valentine's Day is almost here, I thought I write a little bit about HONEY.  Well, not like your sweetheart honey, but the honey that comes from bees.  In October, I got to help a friend harvest some honey.  I thought I was going to be watching, but he had a protective suit for me to put on so I was right in the middle of the harvest. 
It was very exciting!!

Our friend has a number of hives on his property 
and these are the ones we worked on that morning.
Before we got started, he explained what 
the inside of the hive would look like.
He made a little fire in the smoker.
It was my job to use the little billows to keep 
the fire /embers active so that they would 
produce the smoke that keeps the bees calm.
My sweet husband, without a protective suit, 
took the pictures from a safe distance.
The hive was opened and I got my first
 look at the bees inside with the honey.

He used a clean, dry paint brush
 to gently sweep the bees from the honey comb.
Can you see all the bees in the air
 in this picture?  I felt completely safe! 
He didn't take all the honey from the hives.
He left honey for the bees so they won't
 starve during the winter.
My husband told me that there were a lot of bees on my suit---
well, sure--it's because I'm so sweet! ;)

He put all the frames, filled with
 honey/honeycomb, in this box.

We went in the barn where he was extracting
 the honey from the waxy honeycomb.
He had been working on his 
harvest for awhile....he had a lot of honey!
I brought home a frame filled with the honeycomb.

The honeycomb's chambers were filled with honey. 
 When I sliced off the top of the chamber, the honey came right out.   
 Yes, it was sticky.  Yes, it was yummy.  And yes, I chewed
honeycomb.  I actually chewed enough honeycomb
 that I began to feel like I was chewing tobacco
 (not that I actually know what that's like).
I got a quart jar of honey from my frame.

My husband has enjoyed his coffee sweetened with the honey.
I watch my caffeine in the afternoons and I've
found a Tazo tea called Wild Sweet Orange. 
 It's delicious--  very fragrant and no caffeine.
   The perfect cup of tea on a chilly afternoon--
sweetened with a little bit of honey.

A beautiful fall day in Alabama.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thank You, Grantchester !

Dear Grantchester,
Thank you for the lovely wool, plaid blanket. I absolutely love it! I've been wanting one for several years--
Grantchester.  Have you watched it? It's a British mystery show (PBS) that takes place in the 1950's.  The vicar at the local church helps a police detective solve murders in their small town. 

In one episode, the vicar goes on a picnic in the English countryside with a dear friend--and the picnic blanket is a lovely plaid blanket.  Before I realize it, I say out loud, "I want a plaid picnic blanket."  My husband says, "Mom has one at the house."   
         Hummmmmmmmmmm.  Wow!  How neat is that????

Then, in less than a week, we find ourselves (unfortunately) at a family funeral and at my in-law's home afterwards.  After awhile, I hear my husband asking my sweet MIL about the blanket---not a planned conversation---he did it all on his own.  She slips out of the room and about a minute later, she reappears with a lovely wool, plaid blanket. She shows it to my husband and as I join them he says that I wanted to see it. She turns to me and says, "What did you want to do with the blanket?"  I answered honestly, "Covet it." She passes me the blanket a tells me I can have it!!!! Well, of course I said "No." And then she encouraged me, telling me that the blanket was just folded and in a closet. So the blanket became ours that day.  I did my best to not get too excited (funeral). Inside, I was jumping up and down!!!   
A bit later, I decide to discretely take the blanket out to the car.  My SIL sees me with the blanket and I'm sure that it's a treasure that she sees walking out the door in my arms.  She comments that she sees me with the blanket so I stop and ask her if she wants it.  And she quickly says, "No!  That blanket is so scratchy!!!" ....Guess she's not a fan of woolen goods.

My dear sweet father-in-law purchased
 the blanket in Scotland 58 years ago.

I can imagine my husband and his siblings
 as children snuggling under the blanket
 and watching cartoons on
 Saturday mornings.....well, 
except for the sister-in-law who declared the blanket

I think the blanket is lovely. 
 I got to use it the very next night while
 I watched the latest episode of Grantchester. 
 I felt so snugly and warm as I watched
 the show and wondered 
about all the other times the blanket made 
someone else feel cozy and warm.


Grantchester is on PBS 
Photo: PBS