Monday, September 8, 2014

Photo Display From a Book

    Hello!  I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer.  

If you're enjoying cooler temps and taking pictures of the pretty leaves or if you're escaping the hot and sticky days for air conditioning, I have a fun project for you. YOU only NEED an OLD book to complete the project.

I selected a few books the other day from my sweet SIL.
She was down-sizing her collection, so I selected
 a few to take home for possible future projects.

How easy is this project?  Find the middle of the book and fold the pages down.  I folded pages down to the left on the left side of the book. Then I folded down the pages to the right on the right side of the book.  It was a project that was easy to pick up or put down as I completed other duties in the home.

I decided to cut a sheet of scrapbook paper to
 go on the inside cover pages.  You don't have to do this,
 but I wanted to see how it would look.  I like it this way.

I used a tape runner to apply tape to the back of
 the paper and pressed the paper over the cover.

My daughter plays the mellophone in her college marching
 band.  I thought the book was a fun way to display some
 of the pictures that I recently made at a practice.

I selected a book with a red cover because I thought it
 would go well with the vintage Maine souvenir tray as 
well as our red rug. I think the red book will also look 
nice with Christmas photos or Christmas cards.

I hope you'll give this quick project a try.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach Eye Candy

I love going to the beach.  Do you?  
I also love to look in the stores while I'm at the beach.  They have different items for sale there that I don't see at home.  

So this past week, we got to go to the beach and I got to do some shopping.  THE BEST PART????  My FAVORITE  store had moved to a bigger location!

Here are some pictures I took inside THE ART OF SIMPLE in Seaside, Florida. They specialize in candles, soaps, perfumes and other items that everyone loves. BUT--they also have wonderful items that they use for their displays along with a lot of extra fun and original goodies to tempt your vintage soul--all for sale!

Old wooden tennis rackets look right
 at home near the colorful soaps and picture frames.

A vintage drug store sign.

I remember my aunt had a bug sprayer like this.  She kept it behind the porch was empty, but we played with it sometimes...
pumping away at pretend bugs, bad guys-- you name it.


Letters from old signs.

I have a small cooler similar to this one. 
 I enjoy filling it up with iced-down Cokes on a hot summer day.

I never thought of a stapler collection.....but it looks good to me!

 Check out the vintage seltzer bottles in their wooden crate on top to this old industrial cart.  They were priced at $30.

 Lovely candles and old gas cans.  Who thought you
 would be able to purchase them at the same place?

I hope you've enjoyed this special shopping tour at 
THE ART of SIMPLE--stop by the next time you're in town!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Trophy to Cherish

I have long-admired the old trophies that I see in Blogland.  I enjoy looking at them on ebay and etsy, too.  I really can't justify spending the money for the ones that I really know....the really big ones that are in near-perfect condition, with engraving that declares some stranger's accomplishments and the price tags that express their quality and age.

Then, I realized a couple of years ago that I have my own beautiful trophy sitting quietly in my china cabinet.  A beautiful trophy in perfect condition--with perfect engraving--and one that has been polished lovingly by family--not strangers.  It is a piece that expresses the love of the giver to the recipient.

I have this lovely sterling silver ice bucket that was a gift to my great aunt from her high school students.  It has a glass insert that is vacuum sealed into the bucket.  It has a perfect lid to complete it.

It was a gift from Autauga County High School's 1925 graduating class.   My great aunt was their teacher. I would guess this gift would have been given at a class reunion, perhaps.  I don't remember asking my aunt when she received it.  But, let's say they gave it to her for their 25th reunion in 1950...that would make the ice bucket at least 64 years old! 

I have always been a shell collector and during the summer I enjoy displaying the shells that I have picked up over the years.

This year, I decided to put my shells in the ice bucket. 

I decided to keep the berry tray on my coffee table for this arrangement.  I have a picture of my daughter holding up a shell she collected during a beach visit.  I love to use seasonal pictures in my home-especially on my coffee table.

I love to add a touch or two of aqua for summer.  The antique magnifying glass came from my great aunt's desk and it is the perfect color with the shells.  And these two small aqua-colored containers were found for a couple of dollars at local flea markets. I love their soft color--they say, "Relax, it's summer." to me.

I hope this post reminds you of your perfect summer day or of a special teacher that made a difference in your life!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DIY Picture Frame

I have been saving several pieces of wood from an old house my brother was restoring (the house is at least 75 years old). I collected a few interesting pieces and tucked them away for a future (unknown) project.  
I finally decided wanted to make a rustic tray, but my boards weren't long enough, so I decided on a picture frame instead.  

Here's the finished product.
  I'll walk you through the process,
 so you can make your own frames.

Here are the boards I had collected for a project. I'm sure they're laden with lead paint.  They're pretty in all their chippy glory.  I was able to cut the boards with a chop saw and then used a piece of composite wood for the base of my frames.  I painted the composite board with some water-based white paint and when it was dry, I sanded it some so it would look a bit distressed, too.

I glued the boards down with some wood glue and put something heavy on top of them and let them dry over night.

 I sealed the frame with a clear matte finish spray. 

I found these nuts at my local home store. 
 They are called speed nuts.

I bought these two plastic picture frames for $2 at Wal-Mart. I assumed that they wouldn't have glass, but a plastic product since they were so inexpensive.  I was kinda hoping for the plastic...but, I was surprised that they were glass....a good glass, too.  The edges are sanded so there were no SHARP edges!  I'm always fearful that I'll slice my finger open while cleaning the glass of a picture frame...just saying.

I did some measuring.

I used a tool that you would start a pilot hole for a screw...gave it a few taps and I was able to just twist the screw into place.  Don't over tighten as you can crack the glass (lesson learned).

I selected a dowel to prop up the frame. 
 You may add a hanger if you'd 
rather use the frame on the wall.

I keep a piece of wood to drill 
holes in to see if I'm using the right size bit.

I had to be careful and not drill too deeply.

I drilled two holes so I could use the frame horizontally or vertically.

Then, I slipped in the picture behind the glass
 and tightened the screws just a bit--and I was done!