Sunday, April 3, 2011


     Several weeks ago, I did a good bit of work on the porch and in the yard.  My husband took a few days off and he did some things in the yard, too.  It was during this time, that I noticed a pair of wrens were in the yard as well, working hard to build a nest in a wall planter on the porch.  They flew back and forth and didn't seem to mind that we were close by and that there was a lot of activity in the yard and on the porch as well (wrens like to build near people, it seems).  I continued to work in the yard and porch over the next few days, but didn't see the wrens again.

Our back porch

The wall planter

      Since then, three weeks passed and I didn't see the wrens. I decided that they found a better place to start their family. 

If you look closely in the above picture, you can see the hole to their little nest. 

Now, wrens have built in this same spot before and sometimes we would never even know they were there until we were WATERING the plants and a little wren would fly out! It was always a SURPRISE to both of us!

     Well, I continued to plant pots, clean up and check out my spring blooms. I was outside a lot.  I worked on the porch all of those days and saw no wrens.  So, two days ago, I decided I would remove the nest and plant the flowers that I had purchased for that spot.  I was careful to remove the nest, not wanting to damage it, even though I felt certain that it had been abandoned these last three weeks.  I took a look inside and to my surprise, there were four tiny eggs inside!  Each was about the size of my thumb nail.  I wondered if the nest had been abandoned or if the wrens had been coming and going without my noticing??

I took this picture and then I returned the nest to the planter and said a silent prayer that the momma wren would return. 

To my delight, she DID return....within just a few minutes.  I got this picture of her on the nest.  I think she looks a little upset, but I'm not sure.  I completely understand if she is, because she sure has every reason to be upset!!!

This picture was made today and she seems to have accepted that her nest was moved.  She looks pretty content, I think.  I'm thankful that she has accepted the situation and hope she understands my apology.

 I'm sooooo sorry!

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