Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Baby Birds

My last report on the baby birds begins with a concern for the upcoming bad weather that is being predicted for Wednesday.  The weather forcasters have predicted very bad weather for Wednesday afternoon and evening.  My concern reaches out for all, but here in my little world, it also means a concern and a prayer, too, for these four baby birds.  I can tell they are getting ready to fly.  I can hear their parents, in the back yard,  calling to them.  While the parents are calling, if you walk by the nest, the babies, who have been leaning forward in anticipation of their upcoming flight, quickly lean back into the nest.  They are so cute.  They look like little birds now.  I hope their parents don't ask them to fly on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning and when I check on the babies, I see that the nest is empty.  I listen carefully and can hear the calls and clucks from the woods beyond our yard.  The wren family is now on their own-away from the safety of their little nest, but with the parents.  I pray that the little birds have a good head start on the storms that will move in today. 

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