Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Early April Fool's Joke

Earlier this week, the local mid-day news program had their regular feature on a local veterinarian who usually brings in a cat or dog to discuss during the segment.  This week, the vet brought with him a lady who works with baby animals that are rescued when their home is accidentally destroyed or the mom is hurt or killed.  The lady had this cute little squirrel with her!  I decided to take a picture of the squirrel with my iphone.  Then, I'm not quite sure why.....but I decided to text it to my husband.....

But instead of a comment like, "Look at this cute squirrel on t.v."  Or, "Isn't he cute?!"  I decided to text,

"I caught a baby squirrel!!  Can we keep him?  Pepper and Pumpkin like him and he doesn't seem to want to climb on the furniture."    

I'm sweet, so I didn't let him think I had a squirrel in the house for very long. ;o)  I called and wished him an early April Fool's Day.  He said everyone at lunch got a good laugh-thinking that I had caught a baby squirrel and wanted to keep it in the house.

I think I picked a pretty good joke...something that really could be happening at our house.  After all, my daughter and I accidently let this cute little chipmunk loose in the laundry room last fall. ;o)

                                                                                              I hope you have a great Friday! 

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