Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something Old and Something New

I love plants. A few weeks ago I got two little Angel Vine plants and I decided last week to repot one of them with a topiary form.  I love topiaries.  Here's how my new plant is looking this week. 

We haven't had many sunny days in January or February, so I've been frustrated when trying to take better pictures.  But, since it's been so rainy and overcast, I've used my inside time to clean and tidy areas that are often over-looked on sunny days.  One area that has received a lot of attention is linen.  I have a lot of napkins that needed to be soaked, washed and sprinkled and ironed.  I did this for three days straight and was quite content with the job.  My mom was inspired by my accomplishments and she began to do some extra cleaning herself. 

Now on the day that I bought my little Angel Vine plants, I was in a store that always has the neatest and most current home decor.  I love all the new ideas I see there, but I have a very traditionally decorated home and many of the current trends wouldn't look right in my home.  I try to slip in new ideas in some of the details....like napkins, glassware, and small accessories.  The store had some lovely table runners.  I'd seen them there before and then I began to see them everywhere in blog land so I thought I would try that look at home.  I looked at several and I realized that I didn't know how long my table was, so I hesitated to make a purchase (I was shopping in another town), but I kept the table runner idea close by in my head.  

A few days later,  my mom called to tell me she was inspired and cleaning out a linen closet.  I decided to go over and see what she'd found.  It was worth the five-minute trip, as there were a number of items she was willing to let me have.  There were several treasures that needed attention, so it was back to soaking, washing and ironing again. 

Here is my new favorite (bad lighting and all). 
It is a table runner that I'm so proud to have on my kitchen table. 
 It is linen and the perfect color for my home.

There are five hand-tatted lace medallions on each end.  They are in perfect shape.

You can see the lovely details in this picture. 
 Each circle of lace is the exact same size as the next. 

My paternal grandmother made the lace and the table runner. 

Can you imagine making all that lace by hand? 
I had a friend show me how to tat one time and it isn't a very easy skill to acquire!
Can you imagine that I almost purchased a plain
 table runner just a week before I got this lovely piece?
What do you think of this new beauty?


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Bonnie said...

I love your new found table runner. Tatting is a lost art. While in college I had a housemother who wanted to teach all of us to tat. At 17 I was not concerned with sitting and tatting. It was my loss. How lucky you are. Hugs! Bonnie

Donna Heber said...

Hi Marsha,

Your table runner is stunning! Hats off to your grandmother. The patience and time it took to make this wonderful creation. Your Angel Vine is beautiful and will make for a nice topiary.

Kelly said...

I absolutely love lace! However I certainly do not know how to make it!!

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

I love antique linens, and primarily for the workmanship, as you mentioned. I look at the detail and marvel, as you have, at how a human can possibly re-create each item with such precision. I'm always happy to find other souls who admire this art and enjoy it in their homes, so I'm following you! I hope you'll visit and maybe follow; in fact, in my current post I used an antique linen, hand-embroidered tablecloth I think you might like!

very merry vintage style said...

Such a pretty table--that lace makes it! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style!

Sue said...

What a gorgeous vintage piece, with all of that tatting! You were lucky to have found it. I would never have had the patience to do fine work like that- heck, I barely mastered a single and a double crochet stitch! I don't know if I could even remember how to do it these days. LOL

Jann Olson said...

Marsha, that table runner is absolutely gorgeous! I've heard that tatting is becoming a lost art. How wonderful to hold something that was handmade by your grandmother. Love the topiary also. I have a heart shaped one in my kitchen window.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Wow, These look lovely. I am hosting a Giveaway to celebrate my blog's third birthday. Would love for you to drop by. hugs Anu

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Such a beautiful family piece...love all that tatting.