Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peach Picking

Have you ever picked peaches?  Well, it's that time of year here in central Alabama.  It is terribly hot and the humidity is high....but the peaches are ready and delicious.  Every year, the week after July 4, we go to pick peaches. 

The sign directs you to the orchard that is open and then you get out and walk through the orchard and pick your peaches. 

The peaches are firm when you pick them from the tree and they soften up in a day or two and are perfect to eat anytime of day.  Hummm....I think I'll have a peach with my breakfast....hummm...a peach would be a great afternoon snack...and what about peaches on vanilla ice cream?  Yes!! 

The peaches are a little smaller this year, but they are just wonderfully delicious.  They are juicy and sweet--pulling free of the seed.

It doesn't take long to fill your basket full of these beautiful babies.

Then, you hop back in your car and head home....
but you make one more stop....a very important stop at the Peach Park.

They sell peaches straight from the orchard here.  People from all over stop and get peaches here. 

Since I've already picked my peaches, you may wonder why I've stopped at the Peach Park? 

Two things....

We get a bowl of perfect cobbler (I get blackberry) to eat while at the park.  I'm sure that this cobbler must be someone's grandmother's recipe.  It's really that good-and I really know how to make cobbler!

We get a peach pie to take home.


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Tricia said...

Oooh, blackberry cobbler first AND peach pies for later? That sounds right up my alley!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

The peaches are gorgeous, I can almost smell them! Sounds like you had a fun day:@)

Mika said...

Oh my oh my! I love peaches... it's my favorite fruit ever. This reminds me to go to a farmer's market and buy peaches this weekend :)

A Perfect Setting said...

That sounds divine!! I used to go with my mom years ago, she would spend the rest of the day freezing or canning, and we would enjoy peach pie or cobbler all year. I decided long ago that was a bit too much work for me, but now I'm re-thinking that decision! Thanks for your visit, I appreciate your kind comments!

Screaming Sardine said...

Oh yummy! I love fresh peaches...just sinking my teeth into them and letting the juices run down. Mmmmm....

I recall driving through GA and see all the peach trees. Wish I had a peach tree but alas, ND is too cold for peach trees. :(

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Christie said...

I came over to say 'Hi!' Lovin' these peaches and can't believe I haven't bought any this year! I usually make a blueberry/peach cobbler, but my summer has had 'wings!' I hope you are having a great one! Christie at Three Pixie Lane