Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thank You, Grantchester !

Dear Grantchester,
Thank you for the lovely wool, plaid blanket. I absolutely love it! I've been wanting one for several years--
Grantchester.  Have you watched it? It's a British mystery show (PBS) that takes place in the 1950's.  The vicar at the local church helps a police detective solve murders in their small town. 

In one episode, the vicar goes on a picnic in the English countryside with a dear friend--and the picnic blanket is a lovely plaid blanket.  Before I realize it, I say out loud, "I want a plaid picnic blanket."  My husband says, "Mom has one at the house."   
         Hummmmmmmmmmm.  Wow!  How neat is that????

Then, in less than a week, we find ourselves (unfortunately) at a family funeral and at my in-law's home afterwards.  After awhile, I hear my husband asking my sweet MIL about the blanket---not a planned conversation---he did it all on his own.  She slips out of the room and about a minute later, she reappears with a lovely wool, plaid blanket. She shows it to my husband and as I join them he says that I wanted to see it. She turns to me and says, "What did you want to do with the blanket?"  I answered honestly, "Covet it." She passes me the blanket a tells me I can have it!!!! Well, of course I said "No." And then she encouraged me, telling me that the blanket was just folded and in a closet. So the blanket became ours that day.  I did my best to not get too excited (funeral). Inside, I was jumping up and down!!!   
A bit later, I decide to discretely take the blanket out to the car.  My SIL sees me with the blanket and I'm sure that it's a treasure that she sees walking out the door in my arms.  She comments that she sees me with the blanket so I stop and ask her if she wants it.  And she quickly says, "No!  That blanket is so scratchy!!!" ....Guess she's not a fan of woolen goods.

My dear sweet father-in-law purchased
 the blanket in Scotland 58 years ago.

I can imagine my husband and his siblings
 as children snuggling under the blanket
 and watching cartoons on
 Saturday mornings.....well, 
except for the sister-in-law who declared the blanket

I think the blanket is lovely. 
 I got to use it the very next night while
 I watched the latest episode of Grantchester. 
 I felt so snugly and warm as I watched
 the show and wondered 
about all the other times the blanket made 
someone else feel cozy and warm.


Grantchester is on PBS 
Photo: PBS


Bonnie said...

The blanket is lovely. That is one of my favorite plaids. It looks to be the perfect size to wrap up in on a cold evening. Hugs!

Art and Sand said...

I love the blanket.

I just began watching Grantchester on the recommendation of my daughter-in-law. I remember the picnic they were on and now need to go back and watch that episode.

What a great hubbie.

Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

Kelly said...

that is a beautiful blanket and I love that it came from Scotland so many years ago. It's truly authentic! That was a nice gift from you MIL. I've never seen that show before. It sounds like a good one.

The Crowned Goat said...

Marsha, I LOVE plaid blankets and love Grantchester too. I look for plaid blankets everywhere I go. Yours is lovely! Hope you've had an awesome day, CoCo

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Marsha,
I haven't seen the show Grantchester. I may have to check it out as Downton Abbey is in its last season. That is a lovely blanket and how special that it came back from Scotland with your dear f-i-l. I am glad you can enjoy it now to cuddle up in. Isn't it neat how things inspire us and now you have the blanket? Thanks for sharing, and I'm a new follower.


Snap said...

I love the Grantchester mysteries and hope they do another series. I'm all caught up and getting tired of looking at the same ones I have taped! Ha! Love your tartan blanket...gorgeous!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

It IS a wonderful blanket! I think it is really special too... as it originated in Scotland. So sorry to hear about the funeral though.

At least you can celebrate life and giving life back to the blanket!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

What a treasure! I'm happy to hear that it has a new home with you. Thanks for sharing your story with us at Talk of the Town.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What a nice plaid blanket...I know that you will enjoy it for years. It will be featured at my Show and Share Party on Monday.