Monday, January 11, 2016

Culinary Antiques in Fairhope, Alabama

A few weeks ago, we were in Fairhope, Alabama. Have you ever been there?  I love to visit the shops in this beautiful town. Would you like to come along and shop with me?  Come on-let's go!
One of my favorite shops, Aubergine,  specializes in culinary antiques.  Years ago, I would visit---drawn in because of beautiful natural light that streamed in through the windows...and because it had kitchen items.  Now that there are so many wonderful blogs that feature lovely European antiques, I can't help but feel like I'm walking through a blog or a beautiful magazine when I visit this shop.  The antiques are beautiful, the merchandise changes often and the shop keepers are always so pleasant. 

I love to take photographs in this shop
 because of the lovely antiques
 and the wonderful natural light.

This room is to the right when you step inside.
  It's my favorite area and it is different every time I visit.
 Confit pots
Copper cookwear
These sardine pots are one of my favorites.
I have many lovely pieces of my Daddy's 
crockery that he collected over the years.  If I didn't 
have those pieces in my home now, 
I would love to have a small sardine pot. 
 I think I could use it in several different ways in my home.

 I love cutting boards.  I think I would enjoy collecting them, 
but I haven't figured out how to display them in my kitchen.

Lovely vintage baskets.

I loved this zinc bottle carrier.

There are always seem to be a good number of
 demijohns on hand when I visit.  So pretty.

My husband and I both liked this bread basket. 
 Maybe if I learn how to make beautiful loaves 
of French bread, I could get this beautiful basket??? 
 Maybe I could get it because I like to eat French bread???
I hope you're still enjoying the visit to this wonderful shop! 
 I have a few more pictures to share with you.
I was delighted to see this crate of French herb pots.  
The lady in the shop said that the owners
 had never found herb pots before until their last buying trip
 (they make trips to France and have containers shipped back).  

I hope you've enjoyed the trip through this lovely shop.
  Aubergine means eggplant in French--so when you get to Fairhope and see this eggplant sign,
 you'll know you're at the right place!

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