Saturday, August 1, 2015

Historic Mooresville, Alabama

I got to visit Mooresville, Alabama in June.  I had read about this quiet and tiny place in north Alabama and was delighted to visit in person.  Come along and visit this picturesque town with me on this hot Alabama afternoon from the cool of your own home.
Mooresville is one of the oldest incorporated towns in Alabama (November 16, 1818) and the entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  
This lovely church was completed in 1830.
 There was a wedding scheduled at the church later in the day.
  Let's take a peek inside.


I don't know if I would have noticed this detail on
 my own, but I had read about this
special steeple. Instead of a
 traditional cross, there is a
finger pointing the way to heaven. 
  I'm glad I didn't miss that!
There are 53 residents in Mooresville and
 they live in beautiful homes.  

Picket fences are popular and so are American flags.
 Some of the homes are modest cottages. 
 Some are hidden in the lush plantings that surround them.
Can't you imagine yourself on your daily walk
 or a bike ride past these lovely sites?  
I think I could get rid of a few
 extra pounds this way and say it was a real pleasure!
There are lovely flower gardens.  A treat for the eye!
There is another little church.
There is also a Post Office--it is the oldest
 Post Office in continuous use in the state of Alabama.

I found this home to be very appealing. 
 I wonder what it looks like at Christmas?  
I know they have some special events
 in Mooresville during the Christmas season.
I love the red door!

This little cottage is so sweet.
Thank you for joining me on my visit to Mooresville. 
 It was a delight to drive down it's quiet streets
 and enjoy the beauty of this small town.

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