Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach Eye Candy

I love going to the beach.  Do you?  
I also love to look in the stores while I'm at the beach.  They have different items for sale there that I don't see at home.  

So this past week, we got to go to the beach and I got to do some shopping.  THE BEST PART????  My FAVORITE  store had moved to a bigger location!

Here are some pictures I took inside THE ART OF SIMPLE in Seaside, Florida. They specialize in candles, soaps, perfumes and other items that everyone loves. BUT--they also have wonderful items that they use for their displays along with a lot of extra fun and original goodies to tempt your vintage soul--all for sale!

Old wooden tennis rackets look right
 at home near the colorful soaps and picture frames.

A vintage drug store sign.

I remember my aunt had a bug sprayer like this.  She kept it behind the porch door.....it was empty, but we played with it sometimes...
pumping away at pretend bugs, bad guys-- you name it.


Letters from old signs.

I have a small cooler similar to this one. 
 I enjoy filling it up with iced-down Cokes on a hot summer day.

I never thought of a stapler collection.....but it looks good to me!

 Check out the vintage seltzer bottles in their wooden crate on top to this old industrial cart.  They were priced at $30.

 Lovely candles and old gas cans.  Who thought you
 would be able to purchase them at the same place?

I hope you've enjoyed this special shopping tour at 
THE ART of SIMPLE--stop by the next time you're in town!

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Revi said...

I love the things you photograph on your trips! I think I have an old stapler somewhere...