Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scott's Flea Market in Atlanta

I have always.....always.....always....wanted to go to Scott's Flea Market in Atlanta.  It's held the second weekend of the month.  I got to go last month and it was sooo much fun!  There were things that I had hoped I would get to see and yep, they were there.  
But first, before I show you all the fun stuff I got to see, I'll show you what I brought home.

I got this wooden berry tray.  

It's taken me awhile to realize that I really
like trays or items that I can use as a tray.

I enjoy decorating my coffee table.  

So now, on to the other fun items I got to see....
 One vendor had beautiful vintage gain sacks and  dish towels.  The sacks were BEAUTIFUL. 
 The ones I saw were clean--without spots or other soiled areas.  They were soft, too.

   This booth had kitchen items.

I have some Uncle Wiggily china so this book caught my eye.  
These milk crates held the small milk bottles that would have been used for school children.  The dealer had pictures of the dairy where he got the crates and bottles.  They were very dirty and he said they were "farm fresh." My sister-in-law and I bought two dozen bottles for $30--we both already had a crate.  We had hoped to pay a dollar a bottle, but when another guy was selling them (clean) at 4 for $20...we decided to head outside to check out the dirty ones. That was the best deal for sure!

 There were vendors inside and outside.  

The man with the movie posters was very nice. He explained how he preserved the posters.  They were very colorful and in excellent condition.  He had circus posters, too.  
I'd like to see this movie...
Lots of pretty flatware.

      Demijohns         Globe made into a light fixture.

 And baby bath tubs!  I didn't get to price these...no one seemed to be at this booth. 
I missed taking pictures of olive baskets, French laundry baskets, the beautiful vintage linen booth, wooden filing cabinets and the copper kitchen molds. I hope there will soon be another trip that a can share with you!

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Oh I love your berry basket...I have been looking for one...maybe I should hit this market in June.


Revi said...

Is it open every weekend? Or is it only open at certain times? What a fun day!

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

Can you believe I lived in the Atlanta area for six years and never went to this market? I was busy with babies then, but it's on my list now for sure!

Kelly said...

I've only been to Scott's a couple of times and I love it too. So glad that you were finally able to make it. It was fun getting to see what you liked. It's huge, isn't it? Love the berry crate you bought. I love crates!

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

That place looks fabulous! I'd drive the 3 hours just for all the Pyrex! You're invited to join us at my History & Home link party Tues-Fri, weekly, my readers would love something like this. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

Tamyra Positively Southern said...

I love going to Scott's!!! I went in April and couldn't find the demijohn folks to save my soul! I know that the vendors change but he had always been there until last time!
Glad you found some great items!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh so many fabulous treasures. I would love to go someday, definitely on my bucket list.

Jann Olson said...

Marsha, I love your berry basket! Looks like a super fun place to go. I would have been in 7th heaven. lol! I have a childs bathtub out on my deck that I plant with flowers. One of my favorite things. Oh how I loved those grain sacks! Thanks for sharing with SYC.