Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Christmas

I have not posted all the things that I had envisioned posting for the month of December.  I got off to a great start with two posts and then I'm not really sure what happened*.
I am a new blogger and I had dreamed of cozy posts of my Christmas decorations and seasonal events. I had dreams of joining blog link parties and reading everyone else's fun posts....but it didn't happen.

So here is a quick and belated tour of our home for Christmas.

This is my coffee table in my family room.

This is the view from our sofa in the family room.

The details of my mantle.

I got this sled last year on etsy. I love it.

Part of my Santa needlepoint pillow collection.

The desk in my family room.

The tree in our family room.

A table in my family room.

My German chocolate mold on my kitchen counter.
This is the table in my kitchen.
I found the Santa's Diner plates at Hobby Lobby last year and I couldn't resist!

My table in my dining room.

 The tree in our living room.

The foyer.

Our backyard fireplace.

It was warm many days in December, but we had a fire outside on Christmas Eve.
 I love to entertain, so I took a few pictures of my table,
plates and set ups during different occassions.

I love these little milk bottles.

My Mom and I had a coffee and invited friends over for a morning of fellowship.

My favorite Christmas ornament.

 An appetizer plate for Christmas Eve.

A cookie tray for a friend.

*I know what happened.  Life.  Our high school football season ended on December 2 and we attended the out-of-town game (my daughter is in the band).  WE WON the State 6-A Championship!  I took friends to the Montgomery Curb Market.  I volunteered at two schools. I decorated our home.  I helped decorate our church.  I helped with the poinsetta sale at church-unloading the truck and organizing orders. I delivered fruit from the band fruit sale.  My daughter was in the Christmas parade.  I attended the Girl Scout Leader's Meeting.  I got our Christmas cards ready and in the mail. I attended the Girl Scout Cookie Training Meeting.  I attended a Christmas luncheon. We attended our Sunday School Christmas Auction to raise money for our Christmas Family.  I had my Scout troop over to our house to decorate cookies.  I made extra cheese straws for a wedding.  We had our Sunday School Christmas party at our home.  My daughter had mid-terms.  We helped deliver Christmas presents and food to our Christmas Family. 
We went on a three day trip to celebrate our 19th anniversary.  My Mom and I had a coffee for friends.  My daughter had a Christmas Concert for band.  I made cookies for my daughter's teachers.  Oh, and I had a terrible headache and had to get a shot (I lost most of that week).  I cleaned house, cooked meals and took my daughter back and forth to school every day.  I made Christmas goodies for family and friends...all from scratch.  I shopped for presents and wrapped them up.  But I had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and hope to do it all again next year.  I wouldn't do a thing different except BLOG ABOUT IT!!


Christie said...

Marsha, your belated Christmas post is beautiful! I am STILL posting Christmas, as you are right, we are living life and December is so busy...leading up to it, is too! Good luck with your booth! Oh, I miss, miss mine so much! I LOVED doing it and really felt it was EXACTLY what I was supposed to be doing! Unfortunately, I had so much stuff stolen, and the owner of the shop wouldn't help me by changing the layout with better monitoring. I worked hard on so many pieces and hated to see them stolen! My friend says it was an inside job, which makes me just sad. I hope you do well! Keep good inventory! Blessings for a great 2012! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Your home was gorgeous for Christmas. The tall tree in the living room is fabulous.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Wonderful Christmas decorations! Loved the tour of your home! And I know how life can get in the way of scheduled plans!!

alroadrunn3r said...

Marsha ALWAYS does such a great job of decorating our house for all the holidays and seasons!!!

Doll in the Looking Glass said...

Your home is so inviting. Especially love the sled accented with the Santa and lantern. The chocolate mold is very special.

Happy New Year! Debra