Tuesday, June 16, 2015

4th of July Sparkler Box Place Cards

 I'm sharing a super easy craft today: my 4th of July sparkler place cards.  Imagine your upcoming holiday meal with these special place cards for your family and friends.
This is fun craft project that doesn't require
 a lot of supplies or too much time, either.  I'll 
walk you through the project with 
detailed pictures....BUT, it's just like
 wrapping a little package.  
SUPPLIES:  You will need a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper.  Red of some type and blue of another.  They can be solids, stripes, dotted--whatever you might have on hand or what is available at your local craft store (sheets are usually 50 cents).  You can decorate about 4 boxes per sheet of scrapbook paper.  Next, you will need sparklers and their boxes.  You'll need craft ribbon, paper tape or wasabi tape and stickers or embellishments.  You may want to use embroidery floss or ribbon, too. 
TOOLS:  A paper trimmer (if you have one-not necessary, though, if you don't have one-use a ruler to measure), scissors, and double-sided adhesive tape or a tape runner.
THE STEPS:  It is just like wrapping a package!!!
Cut your paper.  You decide how much
 of the box of cover in the red.
Empty the box of the sparklers.
Apply two lines of adhesive to the wider side of the box.
  One line of adhesive on the smaller sides.
Then, you just start wrapping the box.
Add some adhesive tape to the last bit
 of the paper before finishing the "wrapping."
When you get ready to fold the ends, you might want to cut a little slit in the paper to make it easier to fold (depending on the thickness of the scrapbook paper).
 Cut the blue paper.

Over-lap the blue paper over the red paper.
Here's what your "wrapped" box looks like.
I had some of this paper tape already.  
You could use wasabi or ribbon here, too.
  No rules--do what appeals to you or use
 whatever supplies you have on hand!

I cut enough embroidery floss to go around the
 box and enough to tie a small bow.
Tuck the sparklers through the ribbon.
You might want to use stickers or some
 other type of embellishments to decorate the box. 
You can add names using stickers or chipboard letters.
  I had these pretty red letters already on hand.  
And.... of course
you don't have to put names on them
 if you are keeping things casual.

Believe it or not, we have two Fourth of July birthdays in our family!
  Happy Birthday Mike and Jane Ann! 

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Pat Cantwell said...

These are absolutely ADORABLE, dear one!!!
I may get energetic and try this one at home!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Sarah said...

Cute idea! I've pinned this one and plan to make some. Thanks!