Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Coffee Table with a Vintage Seltzer Bottle

I recently posted about a fun stop at Plunderosa Antiques in Loxley, Alabama.  They feature many lovely vintage items from Europe.

I got this beautiful vintage
 seltzer bottle on my visit. 

I decided it was time to change up my coffee table with
 some spring items and I included the seltzer bottle.

I gathered some spring-like items and
 arranged them on this large wooden tray.

This was a real nest that we found several years ago
 in our crepe myrtle tree.  I painted some eggs
 to give the nest a more realistic touch.
I placed the nest in a tarnished Revere bowl.  Then, I
 placed the silver bowl inside a bowl that belonged to my
 aunt.  I think the floral edge is a perfect pop of 
color and goes along with my spring theme.

 The bottle has a "foot" or rim around the bottom.  It's
 different than my other seltzer bottle.  It also has
 a glass straw instead of a plastic one. The nice folks
 at Plunderosa Antiques told me how to take the
 top apart so I could clean the inside.  They suggested
 I invert the bottle and spray the hardware 
with WD-40 and leave it over-night.
  It worked like a charm!

It's bright and cheerful. 
 A new peace lily.  A couple of books
 and a bird paperweight complete the collection.

I'll bet you're ready for spring, too.  What are you doing to get ready for the warmer weather?  


DD's Cottage said...

Your seltzer bottle is very nice and I like the foot on the bottom too!

Revi said...

I LOVE the bottle, and the bird...I thought it might be a door knocker. Your table looks lovely, Marsha!