Thursday, March 27, 2014

Savnnah, Georgia

This time last year.......Do you ever do that?  You know, you think back to what you were doing this time LAST year? 

Well, I did that today.  I decided to look at the pictures I took when we made a spring break trip to Savannah, Georgia. 

Savannah is a beautiful city. 
 I have been there several times, but it had been many years since my last visit, so spring break seemed to be the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful southern city again with my family.
I don't always take the best pictures, so I decided that this city is super photogenic--almost all my pictures were nice!
Just walking down the sidewalk is a treat!
  I love all the beautiful details in the buildings.
  Also, since the climate is mild in Savannah, plants are
 so pretty even in the chilly early days of spring.
Just looking down the sidewalks is interesting.
There are gates and gardens in many neighborhoods.
Wrought iron is everywhere!
 Many homes feature gingerbread and wrought iron. 
 I took pictures of this porch
 because of the beautiful blue ceiling.
Creeping Fig was a favorite vine in many outdoor spaces.
Public spaces were lovely, too.
Join me again for my next post! 
 I've decided to write a series on Savannah. 
I'm going to feature the public squares, places to shop, sites to see, yummy food spots and a surprise or two.


Revi said...

Your photos ARE great, Marsha! What a lovely place...it's going on my bucket list. :)

Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful photos, I love Savannah and visit quite often since I only live about 1/2 hour from there.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I so love Savannah and Victory Drive in the Spring with the azaleas is magnificent! Gorgeous pictures!