Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Antique Farm House and the Prize-Winning Bull Picture

     I love to get the little emails from  Antique Farm House .  Do you get them?  It's like a little sale that is a fun to check out while you are doing your daily thing.

Well, today, they have a sale on Inspiring Obsessions.  Fun items and the first featured item today is a Prize Bull Framed Vintage Photo Print.   So fun.  Would you be tempted to order a prize bull photo?  Would you want one at your house? Do you think I would want one at my house?  My very traditional, not-so-always-perfect, Blogland home???


We all have reasons why we say "No." 

I think I have the best reason of all.....

I already have my own Prize Bull Framed Vintage Photo Print.

This is my brother, posing for the newspaper reporter with somone's prize-winning bull in 1960.  My Mom and Dad were in the cattle business in those days and my brother was at the event that they were judging.   They didn't know that this picture had been made of my brother until they opened the newspaper a week after the event and saw it on the front page!

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Susie said...

Marsha, That's a lotta bull for a little boy.:):) I bet you show that to your brother often...LOL xoxo,Susie

Connie said...

What a treasure you have in that picture. Beautiful glossy bull and one cute cowboy.

Kelly said...

I do enjoy getting those emails! I love your prize bull photo. So sweet. I wouldn't pay for the one that Antique Farmhouse is selling with that one lying around already!