Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome Home

Do you ever do something that is wrong and you know it's wrong, but you do it anyway?  Well, I've been mistreating a piece of furniture.  I know it sounds silly, but furniture doesn't want to be mistreated, it wants to be loved.

I have this desk chair that I have been keeping in our garage.  Not in a quiet, out-of-the way place, but right there on the beaten path.  It's been there for three years.  Shame on me.  I didn't have a place for it anymore, so I took it apart and put it in the garage.  I had refinished it about ten years ago.  I had used it for several years and then I found that I didn't need it anymore and that's how it ended up in the garage.

It was a miracle that it didn't get scratched up (or worse) while it was sentenced to the garage ( I moved some things so I could take this picture).  Poor chair.

I did some major cleaning and arranging in our study last week and decided that perhaps the chair could find a new home there.  I had tried it in the study once before, but it is very heavy and our daughter, at that time, wasn't able to scoot it up to the computer desk.  She's bigger now, and I thought that the chair might work for us now.  So, I cleaned, fluffed and crossed my fingers to wait until everything was perfect before checking to see if the chair would work in the study.  The room needed everything that I did to it --chair or not.  But, having the chair reassembled and moved into the study was going to be my reward for all my hard work.

Here is the seat to the chair.  It was a dream to  refinish.  The finish is very smooth and silky. 

The seat has some writing that is stenciled in paint underneath it. 
 I don't have a clue what it could mean.

My mom says the chair is about 75 years old. 
 It used to be in a newspaper office years ago,
so it once had a pretty interesting life. 
 I'll bet it heard plenty of gossip! 

Those four ends each have a hole in it and a screw goes through
 the hole and attaches to the seat part. 
 All the metal is iron, I believe.  It is very heavy.
Do you see the coil/spring? 
It allows the chair to tip backwards a little bit while you're sitting in it.

You have to turn the chair upside down to attach the base part
 with the wheels to the seat. 
And here it is in it's new place of honor.  I think it looks great at the computer desk! 


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alroadrunn3r said...

You do such wonderful work to make our house a home.. glad and blessed to be your husband!

Beth said...

Seen your link at MMS...Your chair looks good as new! It's is incredibly close to a chair that we have that belonged to my husband's German grandfather who had a White metal Casting business in Chicago back in the 1930's until maybe the early 1970's. There are only slight differences between these two, but ours has the matching roll top desk. They ARE heavy suckers!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I, too, have a chair like this from an old newspaper office! (my husband worked for the newspaper) Sadly, my chair is also sitting in the garage, but you've inspired me to work on getting it back in the house!

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Well first of all let me just say I love this chair! I would have it in a place of honor too and you have done just that!
Second thank you for the neat story of a car you and your brother wanted and begged for from your dad...how cute is that memory!
I would love to see you do a story about the vintage car your husband brought along with him, I think that's a story just waiting to be told!

Richard Cottrell said...

Ms. M. Thanks for stopping by and letter me know we have the name Cottrell in common. I want to become real friends so we can find out if it is the same family or not. I am your newest follower. Thanks,Richard at My Old Historic House.