Thursday, May 5, 2011


    I haven't made a scrapbook in awhile, but decided on Sunday afternoon to start on a little project.  I have a special friend and I want to make a surprise book for her.  I haven't seen her in over 30 years, but I have a lot of pictures I can use to make her book.  I know she's going to be surprised and pleased.

She has this too cute blog and I nabbed my pictures right from
 her blog to make the scrapbook about her dog, Doogan. 
He's a real cutie and so is my friend. ;o)

Once I got the pictures, I started making a mess. 
I do that when I'm scrapbooking.
 Do you make messes?

This was a fun book to make.  I have decided that I like making
 little scrapbooks.  They are so cute and fun!

The page on the right has a pocket. 
 There are three extra pictures waiting to be discovered on this page.

Caution!  Creativity in PROGRESS is MESSY!!

It's starting to look like a scrapbook!

Oh, should I be doing some housework?

I think she's going to LOVE this scrapbook!!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Oh My Goodness!
This made me want to cry...HAPPY tears!
How SWEET is this!
Seeing "my life" all over your counter feels my HEART with a tremendous amount of LOVE!
Can you believe I didn't know about the SECRET hideaway pocket!
Going to check that out right now.
This was one of the most special things that anyone has ever done for me.
Thank you for the HEART and time that was placed into each page.
I've got to feature this on my blog!
Really wish I had a few pics of us back in the TROLL days!
Hugs Marsha!
This is so tenderly SWEET!