Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Have It If I Don't Use It??

Well, I guess I need to make something of this sad little blog...I have been busy being a mom, a wife and a friend and have put my little blog to the side. I like to read blogs that belong to friends and even strangers. The things I find there are always interesting. I need to work on making my blog interesting and fun for the people who might some day visit it.

The other day, I "found" a friend that I had lost touch with over 30 years ago. Finding her has brought me great joy. I've enjoyed looking into her wonderful and colorful (pink) life. I have also loved the new cookie recipe that I made earlier this week that I got from her blog. She calls them, "Chocolate Crack Cookies." They are wonderful!! They baked up super moist and they didn't last long at our house! I have the feeling that I will be making these again--very soon.

I love to cook and I read lots of magazines that feature cooking and entertaining. I brought this magazine the other day. It had such a delicious cover that I just had to take a look inside. Then, I spotted what I hoped would be THE recipe for mushroom soup inside its pages. And yesterday, I made the soup and I found out it was THE recipe that I have been hoping for about 15 years! Not bad, because I had only made mushroom soup once before and it was good, but it wasn't THE recipe that I was hoping for.


Now how could you have a better Saturday than to enjoy yummy and wonderful soup with homemade dill bread while watching your beloved Auburn Tigers Celebrate their NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!

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Teresa said...

This post made my HEART beam!
I LOVE that you ENJOY BLooming on Bainbridge!
I LOVE that you baked the Chocolate Crack Cookies.
I LOVE that it means so much to you that we've connected.
It means alot to me too!
We were always meant to rekindle our friendship!
Hugs to you Sweet Girl!
I'm loving this blog!